P.A.M “A Message Shaped Through the Ages by Wind and Fire”

Last autumn on a night hike on Mt. Cornizzolo LC (1241m) during a rainstorm me, Andrea, Anna and Misha found an ancient relic.

How many millennia has it been on that mountain to reach its present form? Where did it come from? The only thing that was clear was the message written indelibly on it.

A picture of Andrea some minute after the “OG Rock” found under a heavy rain.

After it was found, we brought it into our workshop, scanned it in 3D and had Maria Vittoria make some vases, the vases are made of a clay called stoneware with coarse and rough chamotte. The casts were made from a 3d model of the “OG Rock” with a technique called molding. They were then fired at 1300 degrees Celsius at the Bochaleri Venetian Ceramists Association

The “OG Rock” on the way to be 3d scanned to create the OG molds.

We then made a sweatshirt, a t-shirt, a longsleeve, a hat and three sewable patches in collaboration with Perks and Mini. The overall concept is based on the signature motto “You Get What You take”, a reminder to those who will come after us: as Robin Hood teaches in life you will get what you take and not what you are given. But remember that when another Robin Hood knocks on your door you must be ready to part with what you have collected so far.

During our last trip to Paris in June, we met up with Misha, Shauna , Nick and their Perks and Mini team to take photos of the collaboration. Our guide Ruben led us on a night hike in a forest south of Paris belonging to the Chateau du Meudon park, where we visited an OG menir and some dolmens brought by some monks 150 years ago for their nightly rendezvous. All the pictures has been taken by Sofia.