Rayon Vert is a research clothing line founded, in 2017. We met on a cycling trip along the length of the Italian Adriatic coast in 2013 and since then have been travelling and going on adventures together, using these as inspiration and research for our practice as well as the foundation for Rayon Vert.

During an Interrail around Europe in 2016 we decided the only way we could find accommodation would be to contact strangers on Instagram and ask them to host us, we never paid to sleep on the whole trip, sometimes staying with friends of friends and sometimes with people we had previously had no contact with. This opened our eyes to the strength of networks and collaborations enabling us to create an extended web of friends\collaborators through Europe who are the supporting structure, and major motivation, of all of our projects.

In recent years our shared passion for the outdoors brought us closer to long-distance hiking and with us came the intention to produce and innovate in outdoor wear and gear. We have completed the Tour de Mont Blanc in 2018 and the Cammino degli Dei, the GR20 and the West Highland Way in 2019. With the knowledge and research obtained from these trips we have and are designing and producing gear, backpacks and garments in small batches.


Since having started we have committed to putting all of our efforts into Rayon Vert, this brought about the conversation of having a production line or not, opting for one however is inherently in contrast with our environmental stand, we are dedicated to having as little of an impact on the environment as we possibly can so, based on this, we have adapted and designed an open-manufacture production system which will enable us to supply garments and gear at a steady pace in a much less harmful way in comparison to the current impact of standard production lines.

We believe in the pursuit of a condition in which everyone is capable to produce their own garments and gear and by so doing:

-Make low quality production lines redundant by supporting self production and local businesses.

-Establish a greater connection between users and their garments and gear encouraging them to repair and reuse when possible.

-Transmit the necessary knowledge to users to expand the item’s design to fit their needs.

-Cut down on the environmental impact of mass-production.

As a result of this establish a standard of informed control over the sourcing, production, use, disposal and re-entering of garments and gear in the cycle of production, on behalf of the users.







He’s a twenty-eight years old guy born and raised in Milan. He loves all the world’s geeky artifacts and doing adventures with his friends. He has always been passionate about clothing, technical gear and bicycles. He is formally a graphic designer but does a bit of everything.




He’s not good at anything but he’s into a bunch of stuff. Born in ’91 in Milan still living there while he’s searching his own path helped by his powerful sight. From 2019 he became co-director of the brand.




Product design graduate, lives and works in London, interested in how things work and how people work with them. Believes that good design transmits fulfillment, knowledge and agency, and that for this reason everyone should have control over the production, use and disposal of objects they use. Loves long walks and sleeping under gear made with friends, until it breaks and it’s not necessarily as fun, but loves going home and making new gear with friends. Come to The Eagle for a chat (in Farringdon, London) and I might be behind the bar.



Dumb dude down for whatever.




Born in Rome in ’93, he works as a rope access technician and loves playing outdoors. He’s most happy when he can take photos and create things. He has been wandering on this earth for a few years and now lives in Milan. He believes that everything is connected.




Australian-born researcher and conceptual artist, who’s practice varies widely but commonly looks at objects as symbols of the human experience.  Very existential but really happy to be here having fun, walking and working with others on using design to create change in the world. That is what Rayon Vert is for me; a collaborative space that is based on building and exploring a sense of connection to others, to oneself and to the planet. My practice is research based and takes me through all kinds of projects across the art and design fields. Skill-wise I specialise in nothing in particular but I try and make up for it by fuelling the rest of the team by being an optimist and an idealist. One thing I always say that hopefully gets stuck in people’s heads is the phrase “What a time to be alive.”



Born in 94, He lives whith his dog Genna doing traditional special effects, in the freetime he goes outside climbing. He dreams about building a campervan to climb all around the world.




Hunk with a heart, hiking phenom, forever 21, hot for my age.




Andrea Cippo Rosso is Cippo, but he likes to signs as ACR. Since he moved to Milan he embraced (and sometimes hugged too) the new Milanese creative scene, making new friends who became later his best friends and then-collaborators. He makes a few different things with radio, writing, casting, clothes, social media. He’s really happy to be among the first ones listed on this website.




Since 2023 we have several retailers around the world selling our products, with whom we collaborate and organise activities.
The shops are:

Dover Street Market Paris – France
Outsiders Store – England
Refresh Shop – Italy
SAiSON – France
Slam Jam – Italy
VIETTI – Italy

FRAME – Dubai

8division – South Korea
Comrade – Hong Kong
Edition – Japan
HEIGHTS – South Korea
Lab Taipei – Taiwan
Lovestore – Japan
WORKSOUT – South Korea

Good As Gold – New Zealand
H A V N – Australia
Perks And Mini – Australia
Lo-Fi – Australia

Dover Street Market Los Angeles – United States
Dover Street Market New York – United States