X-PAC® Lizard Backpack 35L — 2021


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(except for webbing!)



SHIPPING TIME: 12 WEEKS (Each backpack is tailored to the user and handmade by us in Italy!)


After purchase you will be sent an email with instructions to find out the size that best suits your needs and tell us about any requests.


 Here on a black X-Pac VX07 backpack with full optionals.


Over the past three years we have tried numerous solutions that have led to this backpack. We realized that even though we were looking for the lightest materials, the material that weighed the most and was most easily worn down was always the front mesh, essential for drying clothes, tarps, bivysacks or tents and having quick access to other gear.

So we decided to make the backpack in a single material and laser-cut the backpack entirely out of one fabric for both the mesh and the body.


An X-Pac VX21 Lizard Backpack with custom colours.


The backpack weighs:

350gr/12.3oz in the X-Pac version VX07 without optionals

The backpack has a capacity of (generous) 35 liters plus external pockets. The two side pockets contain up to two Smart Water bottles, 850ml each, these are also provided with some drain holes for any liquids inside thus allowing the backpack to weigh no more than it already weighs!


The sternum strap has an emergency whistle!


The backpack is perfect for day-hikes and long distance hikes, we have also added the load-lifter to bring the upper part of the backpack a bit closer to your back which together with its size make it very stable even without sternum strap and hip-belt.

The rear zip-pocket (optional) is water and splash resistant, large enough to carry wallet, smartphone or snacks and is accessible without having to take off the backpack and without having to stop. It has been designed to reduce as much as possible the pauses during walks and thus reduce travel times on various sections.


All the new backpacks have the “Lizard” label which replaces the previous one.


The backpack is waterproofed by SEAM SURE by McNett® we have made several attempts at taping but with unsatisfactory results and we have decided, for now, not to use tape in this version. More iterations of this solution will be necessary for us to be satisfied with its durability.

The backpack is also available in X-Pac VX21 which is slightly heavier but with a wider range of colours, text us to chose the color you prefer!

We recommend you don’t try to carry more than 9kg in this pack. If you are thinking that your loads would go above this, do yourself a favor and get a padded backpack with rigid support.


If you have any questions about special customization text us at: rv@rayonvert.international


Additional information

Fabric and Color

X-PAC® VX07 Black, X-PAC® VX07 White, X-PAC® VX07 Grey, X-PAC® VX21 Custom Colors

Bunjee Cord Color

Dark Green, Grass Green, Royal Blue, Red, Dark Turquoise, Grey

Rear Zip Pocket

Yes, No

Hip Belt

Yes, No