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When Pietro and Yuri asked me to design a t-shirt for this forthcoming launch on Rayon Vert’s website I didn’t think I was the most appropriate person to do it. I could see Rayon Vert as an ultra-light outdoor garments line, and any type of natural environment has always been a no-no for me.

I had a cup of tea and a couple of cigarettes with Pietro then, and I realized that maybe there was a reason why I’d been asked to be the first one to release a product for the launch of Social Fabric®.

What we’d shared together, me, Pietro, and Yuri, wasn’t something related to the outdoor, it wasn’t related to hiking or to the latest technical gear, but it was about a personal journey we experienced together.

It was about travelling, but not on any path. It wasn’t about any breath-taking landscapes, but about the non-places we’ve been passing through together in the years.

So I collected some pics from my phone, the ones that physically and emotionally represented our landmarks from my past and my present, and put them on a t-shirt.

Looking at these places geographically located in Milan, my hometown Conegliano, London and Berlin now in the solely in the space of a t-shirt, the words to write next came to me spontaneously.

Those memories aren’t strictly related to the places where the photos were shot, but to the place I was in at that moment, and the people who were experiencing that by my side.

And the love I’ve received from them is the most valuable coin in the journey, the only thing I’ll bring back home.

Wherever my home is.

This is what I brought to the table for Social Fabric®, I’ll raise a glass for any of you.



Bring Back the Love,



Four color screen print on B&C #E190

100% Cotton, 185g/m2

Produced according to the Oeko-Tex standards.


188gr/6.6oz (L size)

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