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“Wormhole frames are made from laser fused Nylon powder. They are formed through a process called selective laser sintering. After sintering, the frames are batch dyed, under pressure, to maximize colour fastness.
Each pair of frames is individually finished by hand.
Wormhole Lenses are made of CR-39. CR-39 stands for Columbia Resin #39. Its recipe was the 39th formula of a light weight thermosetting plastic developed by Columbia-Southern Chemical Corporation in 1940.
Each pair of Wormhole lenses is dyed by hand.”

For the past year and a half, we have been working with Abicsi, an independent eyewear brand based in Canada.
Talking to the creator, we realised that the eyewear industry is all in the hands of a few companies that have a monopoly, so we decided to create eyewear by finding the materials and processing them in-house.
The frame was designed to meet the needs of outdoor use, the material used is Nylon 12 which makes them ultra light weight and crazy flexible.
They can also be batch dyed like fabrics made of the same material.

Temples feature WORMHOLE TECHNOLOGY for seamless drawstring integration when maximum face grip is needed most.

CR-39 lense offer superior optics, comparable to glass, at approximatly half the weight.
The lenses are hand-dyed in Abicsi’s studio in Canada.

The glasses come with a drawstring bag made of ECOPAK™.
ECOPAK™ is the world’s only composite fabric made with 100% recycled fibre and film, it does not contain toxic solvents or VOC’s and the outer film lasts 5 times longer in the sun than conventional film used in other fabrics.

The box they come in is made of recycled cardboard, hand screen printed in Abicsi’s studio in Canada using only water based ink produced using only solar energy.

The glasses come in two versions:
AMBER frame with RUBIDIUM RED lenses

The Wormholes Sunglasses weigh 22,8 grams without lanyard, 24 grams with it.

Wormholes sunglasses in Amber / Rubidicum Red

Wormholes sunglasses in Vulcanic Black / Rubidicum Red

Wormholes sunglasses in Amber / Rubidicum Red

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