A second capsule, more styles and the Lapland magazine

Over a year ago now, we started work on the second capsule collection. As with the first, we tried (and succeeded) in producing the collection entirely within a radius of 200 km from our workshop. It was a new challenge for us to start working on more complex garments such as jackets.

Starting from design, through development, testing and production. The collection contains several garments of which Mirage Jacket, Tomcat Jacket etc. are new designs entirely.

Here are the campaign photos taken by Sofia Blu in the Orobic Alps.

For this collection, we started working with some fabric manufacturers in our area, in particular Olmetex, and chose their GRS-certified recycled fabrics.

The very first prototype of the Mirage Jacket sewn in Aquabahn by Emilia

Andrea adds the finishing touches to Mirage Jacket production

A detail of the adjustment on the back of the hood of a prototype Mirage Jacket.

A picture of our improvised showroom set in an apartment in Paris.

We also published the book of the Lapland expedition and presented it at the first Outdoor Community Day. An open day in the city organised by Slipmode. Where people could exchange their gear, repair it or buy it directly between the various independent companies in the area. The book contains photos of all participants, a map, a diary and some tips for walking the trail.

Few Pictures about the Outdoor Community Day. Pictures by Nico Rombo

The second capsule garments ready to be shipped to our retailers around the world.

The second capsule is also available on our network of retailers: