WISDOM HAS SELF DESTRUCTED! (All Patterns are now available)

All that remains of the collection is now available and free to download from the website: www.wisdom.slamjam.com (or clicking here)

What a long journey!

A lot has really happened in this year-our first collection came out and it was disassembled! Many people bought the garments and sewed them around the world. It was really amazing.

Now unfortunately our domain is about to expire and we have decided to end the collaboration project with SLAM JAM open sourcing all the materials used to create this collaboration.

In the folder you can find all the instructions, patterns, videos and more to assemble the garments in your area, the only thing you need to find is the fabrics!

The window of Zhao’s repair shop. Picture by Analog_Elvis©

To celebrate the end of the collaboration we also rented a repair shop and asked the owner, Zhao, if she felt like sewing kits for people who weren’t feeling up to it, and she did! For a whole day we were there and presented the Fanzine: WISDOM! (also available in the downloadable folder).

Filippo is reading very carefully the WISDOM! zine. Picture by Analog_Elvis©

Zhao sewing a pink thread Guido Shirt. Picture by Francesca Galli©

In the evening we then held a pre-Christmas party in SPAZIO MAIOCCHI set up as a club for the occasion. There local legend DEEPVISION played first with his hybrid DJ set followed by FULCI who blew the place away.

Deepvision’s playing the hybrid set. Picture by Analog_Elvis©

Fulci and Rayonvert merch at the venue distro. Picture by Analog_Elvis©

Klem Diglio at the bass. Picture by Analog_Elvis©

Fiore headbangs on heavy basslines. Picture by Francesca Galli©

Domenico surfing the crowd. Picture by Analog_Elvis©