Lizard Backpack news for 2022 hiking season

Latest news about the Lizard Backpack!

We have decided that in order to best satisfy our customers, the most functional way is to proceed with the sale of Lizard Backpacks by pre-order. In the last few months we have started working with a manufacture, in northern Italy, that meets our requirements and the quality we expect for our backpack, this has given us a chance to work on some upgrades to the structure and construction of the Lizard that implement its toughness and durability. The main solution we have included are bar tacks at the highest stress points of the backpack.

The second important piece of news is that we have developed a variant called the Mutated Lizard Backpack that introduces new shoulder straps with pockets that are perfect for having everything you need at hand while on the trail.
The pockets are compatible with most commercially available 0.5-liter flasks. We have used them with both Salomon speed 42 and wider versions, including from other manufacturers, as well as with 0.5-liter plastic bottles. The bottles can be secured in place by a bunjee cord and a cordlock.

Having as many things as possible at hand makes breaks less frequent and consequently increases the speed at which a trail travels. In addition, having the bottles at hand (and eyeballs) allows constant control of the available reserve, makes the speed of refilling fast without the need to take off the pack, and makes it convenient to use salts or carbohydrates.

We decided to change the material once again regarding backpack accessories, falling back on the choice that we believe is most ethically and technically right. We will therefore start working with ECOPAK®.
What made us choose to work with them are this set of advantages that make them different from other materials generally used in the ultralight industry:
– All components of the ECOPAK™ laminates are made from 100% recycled polyester. This means that metre for metre, over 20 plastic bottles are recycled and more than 450g of carbon dioxide is saved.
– The outer fabric is made from REPREVE® yarns collected in the ocean, all other components are made from used PET bottles
– Only FC-free C0 impregnations are used.
– No VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are used in the production of ECOPAK™, all adhesives are solvent-free
– Thanks to an innovative production process, energy-intensive drying processes during lamination are reduced
– ECOPAK™ lies very flat when cut and has a very uniform CrossPly fibre from edge to edge – this prevents waste when cutting to size
– The polyester outer fabric used is similarly abrasion resistant to fabric made of nylon and is therefore very durable
– Because ECOPAK™ is made from 100% polyester, it is recyclable

This first batch will be made in Black epx 200, for those familiar with X-pac it is comparable to VX21 but even stiffer.
ECOPAK® EPX200 combines a 200den recycled polyester with a 70den ripstop lining. In between, at a 45° angle, are the blue CrossPly fibres.

The packs come in two sizes:
Small/Medium: 43cm/17″
Large/X-Large: 48cm/19″

Classic Lizard weighs 444gr/15.6 oz
Mutated Lizard weighs 525gr/18.5 oz

You can pre-order the backpacks here:

Classic Lizard

Mutated Lizard