3 weeks intern!

Léon sewing a Wisdom kit. Photography by Sofia Blu Cremaschi

A few months ago, a French guy called Léon wrote to us saying that he was looking for a place where he could do a three-week internship through his school. After a few months we managed to make it happen, he arrived from Nice and we immediately tried to figure out what he could do during these weeks. Why not make a bag together using all the waste materials we produce? Making mainly backpacks we always had small cuts of very valuable materials (Dyneema, Xpac, Liteskin…) and so it happened!


In his own words:

“I discovered rayon vert through Teho, a friend of mine from school. I instantly liked it as I was seeing a very similar way of working in both of our works. In need of an internship and willing to see how working on bigger scale projects was like . I messaged them through instagram asking if by any chance they were looking for an intern, which ended up working. Visited them once before then came back for the official internship for three weeks during february.

My work is mainly sewing so the first thing that we looked for was how to make a project together that involved both of our domains. We did 2 or 3 prototypes and we had the final design of the pouch. During my stay, i managed to make 30 of those using various materials from the leftovers, as well as many other activities like sorting out packaging in the factory, taking the pictures of the bags, help setting up the Slam Jam event, doing a prototype for a quilt sleeping bag, among various other things…

Thank you to the Rayon Vert people, let’s make more stuff, hope you like the bags 🙂


Léon preparing the set for the bag still-life. Photography by Matteo Bico

After the first week about 30 bags were ready, and in the following weeks we worked on Wisdom and other projects that you will see soon, a little preview below.

We wish you good luck Léon and hope to see you soon!

Léon showing his sleeping bag. Photography by Miguel Servera