The Big Resonating Dam by Dj Barefoot

Over the past month we have been contacted by P.A.M. @perksandmini to contribute to their Positive Messages blog. So we recorded a live-session by our friend Dj Barefoot as a continuation of his project of research and dialogue between music, nature and the status of human being.

The natural delay effect perceived in the artificial environment of the Ambria dam (IT) inspired Dj Barefoot to use it as the largest pedal known in modern history.

Therefore, he developed a conversation between the artificial amplification interacting with the surrounding environment. The sonic power that returned from the huge dam to DJ Barefoot, influenced his DJ consciousness, adding a natural feeling to the synthesised sounds.

This video portrays the moment when DJ Barefoot realises he is an artificial instrument in a natural environment, where man-made structures and synthetic sounds melt together, challenging the boundaries between the two worlds.

DJ Barefoot: Marcello Martin @dj_barefoot_

Creativity: Andrea Ferrari @andrea_aka_endo

Photos: Piercarlo Quecchia @piercarloquecchia

Video and editing: Dario Sbattella @darioloide

Here’s the link to P.A.M. Positive Messages:

PAM Positive Message