Liteskin® and Backpack batches!

We have some news!

First of all, since we can’t make all the backpacks to measure we decided to drop them in batches. And the first one is made in Liteskin and X-pac!

The reason why we choose to stop making them customisable is because we simply can’t keep up with all the orders anymore. Obviously those who have ordered their custom backpacks will receive them on time, but from now on we will try to drop them more and more often and try to leave the site with more material available for everyone.

This first series of backpacks comes in two sizes:
Small/Medium: 43cm/17″
Large/X-Large: 48cm/19″

The backpacks go on sale here on the site from 7P.M. CET. on Tuesday 21st 2021.

We have been using Liteskin® for a number of projects for internal use for some months now. We started six months ago to use it for bikepacking bags to follow our GGGG BICI friends on their adventures.

Yuri bikepacking around Sicily for three weeks.

Yuri‘s bicycle after the Sicily trip with the (almost) full set of Liteskin® Bike bags.


After months of trouble-free use, we started to test it on backpacks, bags, etc. And we must say that it is a really interesting material, in some ways better than Dyneema® in terms of quality/price!

So when Simona Vanth asked us to add a new material for the three peaks bag, we didn’t hesitate to use liteskin®!

The Simona Vanth Liteskin® Triple Peak Bag is available on her website.


The manufacturer’s website describes it as:

“Instead of a fabric we use a non-woven polyester with an additional, pigmented polyester-resin on top. This makes a non-textile surface with a appealing marbled colour. A C6-impregnation improves the already good water- and dirt repellant properties.”

“Originally created for Sailing, Lite Skin®, was designed to protect sails against UV degradation, abrasion and shrinking. Like many products developed for the sail making industry this one has caught the eye of many outdoor product manufacturers.” (like Six Moon Designs)

Let us know if you have also used this material and what you think of it!