Hiking Trips and Tips Adv

Hi everyone, here is the “Hiking Trips and Tips” advertising video.

We started the first guides a bit slow but we plan to do more in the next year and support the project with some sewing workshops, some outdoor lessons and some collective trips for anyone interested.

If You haven’t seen the previous guide yet, you can find them here.

We thank all the participants in the video, all those who made it possible (specially CD) and the RayonVert team.

Written and directed by Claudia Decaro & Sami Schinaia
DOP: Alessandro Ubaldi
Production Company: Withstand
Producer: Claudia Decaro
Starring: Abramo & Khady
Stylist: Giulia Beo
MUA & Hair: Elisa Maisenti & Raffaella Fiore
Set Design: Leonardo Tosetto & Guadalupe Merlo
Editor & Colorist: Vieri Dalla Chiesa
3D & Compositing: Matteo Bico & Leonardo Distefano
Copy & Voice Over: Filippo Moia
Sound Design: Alessio Miceli
AP: Giovanna Distefano
Focus Puller: Niccol├▓ Di Guida & Daniela Bellu
Drone: Rocco Di Dio & Ludovico Watson
Head Gaffer: Federico Antonio Cherchi
Gaffer: Vittorio Bisotti
AC: Manuel Passoni
Key Gripper: Mustapha Mezzi
Thanks to Persona Castings
Thanks to:
Joey Gordon
Fabio Palmiero