Hiking Trips and Tips N°2 – Resegone East Side Dayhike


For the second OUTDOOR GUIDE we have chosen an easy route that can be reached in less than an hour and a half from Milan. We opted for this one because the Resegone, one of the most interesting peaks in Lombardy, it’s usually crowded due to the eastern chairlift and the people coming from Erve. This path that we propose it’s not so famous which allows you to see Resegone from a different point of view.


You can download the gps data here: https://www.komoot.it/tour/508276597



At a Glance

Distance:  7,83km (0.48mi)

Duration (average):  3 hours or more

Difficulty Level: Easy

Start / Finish: Valsecca (BE) / Valescca (BE)

Elevation Gain and Loss: 820m (2690.29ft)



The first climb trail mark, from A to point 1. Picture by Teo Poggi©


Getting There & Away:

You can arrive to Valsecca only by car.

Season: You can go almost in every season, You can find snow during the colder months near the top.


Claudia helps Sofia‘s stretching routine. Picture by Teo Poggi©


Permits: no permits are required

Language: Italian. A basic knowledge of either definitely comes in handy, however, there are no huts along the route!

Cell/Mobile Phone Coverage: The phone coverage is quite bad especially on the peaks but you can have chance to reach signal inside the woods at low altitude.

Bico is ready to achieve the expedition. Picture by Teo Poggi©

Resupply & Water:

Resupply: You have to carry all your own food from start to finish, there are no suppliers along the route.

Water: On the way there are no drinking spots, looking at the map we were hoping for some stream but they have dried up.

Mario runs on the ridge line up to Cima Quarenghi. Picture by Teo Poggi©


Route / Conditions:


The path is always well signposted and in excellent condition, in the first part it’s surrounded by trees with a soft soil and in the second one, after “La Pasada“, it becomes more rocky and exposed on the ridge. It’s not difficult, but especially near Cima Quarenghi, it could become more challenging due to longer steps and a small chain (via ferrata). It’s also a good choice for running because of the large trail and the not so technical ground.

The crew on Cima Quarenghi. From left to right: Damiano, Mario, Teo, Yuri, Sofia, Bico and Dicor. Picture by Teo Poggi©

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