Teo Giovanni Poggi – “Miles to go before I sleep”

In March 2014, Pietro, a few weeks after he had moved to London and started working as a push-bike courier, was sat at The Corner (between Lexington street and Broadwick street in Soho) silently enjoying his morning cup of tea, on his way to waking up, unaware that today wouldn’t be a day like any other.
As he absentmindedly stared into the the misty morning, the radio clattering away in the background, Leo pulled up having just finished his morning run. They’d met a few days earlier, Leo is a Brazilian courier\frame builder (Dmenor Bikes) based in London. Still in a haze Pietro handed him his cigarette accompanied by a welcoming morning grunt and as pleasantries led to conversation Leo started telling Pietro about this other Italian courier that had arrived in London not so long ago: “He wins every race he gets himself into, he’s a nice guy! Maybe you know him, maybe you’ve seen him!” Leo says in a cheeky grin. The stories about this guy seem to never finish, one minute it’s the way he rides, the next is the things he’s done and Leo shows no sign of stopping. It’s then when a loud rattling sound echoes from the East side of the street from behind a lorry, as if someone was pulling a dozen trollies across a gravel path. As both of them turn around a figure on a bike emerges from behind the lorry, the only visible part of him a few black curls coming down from his hood and two bloodshot eyes, bag full, arms spread open to the extremities of his handlebars, balancing three cardboard boxes between his hip, his stem and his chin, charging the loud cobblestones. In crossing his eyes with Leo his left hand leaves his bars and starts waving mid-air in a “What the hell is going on” kind of way, coupled with a stereotypical Italian “eeehhheee!!”, Pietro and Leo don’t have the time to start replying before he disappeares into the next street.

This is how Pietro met Teo Poggi, soon to be: avid travel partner and annoyingly-very-good-at-any-physical-activity-he-ever-tried, friend.

It was no surprise that when the idea came up to hike the TMB Teo became aware of it and joined in. More interestingly, aside from being faster, stronger and fitter than any of us, therefore giving us hours of distance on many sections, he is also a very good photographer. Rayon Vert collated a selection of the pictures that were taken by Teo on the trip into a small zine which will be presented on the 21st of December, in Milano, at the Birrificio Lambrate in Via Adelchi 5.
Come and meet our superhuman friend and have one last beer all together before we all retire to our obligatory family commitments on the Christmas Break.

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